Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

Cool Kid Chronicles: Yamilah + Junior Style London

In this installment of Cool Kid Chronicles, we meet mini model and actress Yamilah! We took a trip to East Harlem and teamed up with the stylish site Junior Style London on this feature! Check out a few photos here, meet Yamilah in the interview below, and see the rest of the interview and more photos on Junior Style London here!

Photos/Styling/Photography by: Tiffany Casanova

Tristin + Tyler Featured On: Food Network's CHOPPED JUNIOR

YAY!! So excited to finally announce that Tyler will be on Food Network's Chopped Junior! In the episode, Tyler is competing against three other kid chefs for a chance to win $10,000 and become the first ever kid judge on Chopped Junior! Tyler will have to use ingredients found in a mystery basket and make a burger-inspired appetizer, main course and dessert for the judges to try and critique!  Want to see Tyler get busy in the kitchen and see how he stacks up against other kid chefs? You've gotta watch the episode!

The episode airs Wednesday, March 8 at 8|7c on Food Network!! Let us know you are watching and use #CHOPPEDJUNIOR #TRISTINANDTYLER on social media!


xo, Tiffany

Left to Right: CHEFS: Marc Murphy, Alex Guarnaschelli, Ted Allen and Amanda Freitag

Left to Right: CHEFS: Marc Murphy, Alex Guarnaschelli, Ted Allen and Amanda Freitag

Tristin + Tyler Featured In: batteryPOP's SQUARE OFF

So excited to share a fun project Tristin + Tyler worked on that's now live on one of the coolest sites for kids: batteryPOP!  It's hard reining kids in when it comes to them using technology, and even harder to make sure they are on age-appropriate sites, so I have been a big fan of this platform since inception. All of the videos are age appropriate and definitely fun as the site was started by two former Nickelodeon employees!

We were so excited to be asked to be a part of batteryPOP's new game show SQUARE OFF! We don't want to give it all away so check out the videos HERE and have the kiddos play along. Also make sure to check out batteryPOP and subscribe on YouTube!

xo, Tiffany

Tristin + Tyler Featured In: Growing up NYC

Living in New York City has it's challenges including small living spaces, crowded streets and of course how expensive things can be. However, I must say that there are definitely benefits -- especially for a creative family like mine. You can see a movie being filmed on one corner, see a graffiti wall in progress on the next, and stroll on into a free art show or outdoor festival.

In the summer, Tristin auditioned for a chance to be in a New York City initiative that would be a resource for parents with kids in NYC called Growing Up NYC.  From events, to after school programs, to tips on how to recognize risky behaviors in your pre-teen, this site is a great tool for NYC parents. Tristin booked the job (yay!) and you can now see him on the website, and on posters in the subway and the streets of NYC.

See a few behind the scenes photos below and please tag a post with with #tristinandtyler on social media if you see any around the city!

xo, Tiffany

A subway poster you may see!

A subway poster you may see!

Tristin Featured In: Tommy Hilfiger

So excited to share Tristin's shoot for Tommy Hilfiger! Tommy Hilfiger is coming out with their own school uniforms. Tristin booked this casting last year and it shot in December and the images just came out this week! Takes a long time to see images from your shoot or commercial sometimes, but it was worth the wait don't you think!

xo, Tiffany

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 12.29.18 PM.png

Tyler Featured In: Jersey Mike's Commercial

Tyler had the best time in this commercial for Jersey Mike's. Not only was the production company super fun and so great to the kids that were there, Tyler got to eat a sub sandwich on camera...over and over, and over again! As you probably know, boys love to eat so this was a double treat for him!  This month Jersey Mike's is giving away proceeds from their subs to local charities in their month of giving, so we were so excited that Tyler could take part in spreading the word about such a great organization, and worthy cause.

If you haven't had a Jersey Mike's sandwich, this is the best time to try it for sure! To learn more about Jersey Mike's Month of Giving, click here, and you can watch Tyler's commercial below or click here!  Let us know how you think he did! I think he stuffed his face pretty good! Lol!

xo, TIffany

Tristin + Tyler on the Sprout Channel

Sunny Side Up Host Kaitlyn, Chica, Tristin + Tyler

Sunny Side Up Host Kaitlyn, Chica, Tristin + Tyler

We are so excited to share our video from our appearance on Sunny Side Up, the Sprout Channel's LIVE morning show for preschoolers! Sprout Channel is a 24 hour preschool channel and we were so excited to be asked to be on Sunny Side Up and craft with the wonderful Chica Chicken and host Kaitlyn!

Not only did we help Chica with her holiday style, we had a super fun HOLIDAY DANCE PARTY!

Check out the video below! Please feel free to share the video and make sure to check out Sprout!

xo, Tiffany