Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

Tristin + Tyler's Weekend Picks: 11.21.14

the weekend 11.21.14

Happy Weekend!

It's a bit chilly here in NYC, so this week we are encouraging you to enjoy being inside!

FASHION: In anticipation of the holidays and our holiday style guide launching next week, (YAY!!!) we're all about bow ties. Our fave? Check out Stinky MCGee! Love that the brand satisfies our love for the planet by being locally made in Brooklyn and with unique designs and an easy to put on and take off closure, these accessories always make us smile! 

FOOD: We love Chop Chop magazine and enjoy trying out their fun recipes. Back when T&T were on the cover of the mag, Tyler got caught cracking up in this fun image with a delish parfait! You should try making it for breakfast. Easy, filling and the kids love it!

FUN:  We're probably going to be talking more about this App in the next coming months, but I had to tee it up to get you guys excited about it now! Check out Kid Quest, an app that encourages your kiddos to try new crafts, activities and fun experiments. We love it because the instructions our simple, the ideas are cool and as it gets colder, it's a great way to keep the kids busy indoors. 

As always, tag us with @tristinandtyler or #tristinandtyler in any social media images if you try any of our picks! xo

Tristin + Tyler's Weekend Picks: 11.14.14

the weekend 11.14

Happy Weekend! Here's what we think you should do this pressure!

FOOD:  Well, this weekend we're excited because Tristin + Tyler are hosting a fun food project at Polarn O. Pyret's Chambers Street store from 2-4pm! Polarn O. Pyret is launching awesome gear for kid chefs (the hats you see above and more) and we're excited to be there and craft with food! If you're nearby, join us at 299 Chambers Street.

FASHION: The boys are all about their Dr. Martens boots these days. This weekend try rocking yours, get some new ones or, if you missed our camo boots post, enjoy it here!

FUN: One of our FAVORITE exhibits is back in NYC till November 20th. Have you ever checked out Canstruction. This exhibit not only shows the amazing artistic skills of individuals who can basically craft anything out of cans of food, the exhibit is philanthropic because the food is donated to local hunger relief organizations at the end of the exhibition. Art that gives back. Love.

Well, there's our picks, make sure and tag us with @tristinandtyler in your photos if you take our advice and do, rock, or see any of our picks! We hope to see you this weekend! Come and play with your food with us!

Enjoy xx


Tristin + Tyler's Weekend Picks 10.10.14:

weekend 10.10.14

Happy Weekend! The weekend is finally here and we're giving you our tips for how to have FUN, enjoy FOOD and rock some hot FASHION this weekend! Ready?

For some FUN try this easy Jack Skellington craft which you can do with just a few simple supplies. For our FASHION pick, it's the perfect time to rock All Black Everything, so let the kiddo rock a cool jacket like Tyler's Ruum motorcycle jacket, with drop pants and black sneakers -- oh, and if you haven't already, get your kids to make some FOOD by picking up some chocolate chips, pretzels and powdered munchkins to make our Halloween edible eyeballs!  

What do you have planned for the weekend? Hope you do one of our fun weekend picks! Whatever you do, enjoy it! xox



#1FunThing: Play A Game Outdoors!


Happy Friday! This weekend's #1FunThing challenge is to play game outdoors! Whether it's UNO, Clue, charades or something else, head outdoors and play it and do something fun. The boys all of a sudden are so into playing chess. Honestly, I can't stand it. Too much thinking going on. I do so much analytical thinking at work so once I am "playing" I REALLY want to be "playing." I am glad they like it though, it really encourages them to think strategically.  Will you join our #1FunThing challenge this week??? If you do, we'll feature you right here on our site!

Speaking of features, meet our two friends who joined the Roll with Us #1FunThing challenge!  First up, check out the cutie with the sunglasses! It's none other than the little face of @prestons_laundry on Instagram. Love that he rocks his style even when he's speeding on his scooter!  We're SO excited that we got a cool teenager that knows how to do tricks on his bike doing the #1FunThing challenge! He's really good so make sure to check out Evin on Instagram at @evinmcglovin. 


We're SO excited that we got a cool teenager that knows how to do tricks on his bike doing the #1FunThing challenge! He's really good so make sure to check out  @evinmclovin on Instagram!


Thanks for participating GUYS!!   We hope you play games outdoors this weekend and send us pictures!! Happy Weekend!



What's Cool: Kids Design The World


We are in Brooklyn a lot because we have family there on hubby's side, but since we don't live there, we rarely explore the different neighborhoods and get a feel for each area. I've been itching to explore and see what fun stuff I can find, so I was so glad to be invited to Kids Design The World, a new shop in Brooklyn where families can not only get really cool games, gifts and activity sets for children, your kiddo can actually design their own room! Yep, Kids Design The World (KDW) is all about letting kids get creative and use the products in the store to design a fun room for themselves. Afterall, kids always want to make their mark, you know? Why not do it through design? KDW also offers creative classes and an awesome backyard playspace, so whether your kiddo is learnng to design a t-shirt or getting some playtime in, KDW just about has it all. Tristin and Tyler took a class called Intro to Architecture. It was amazing to see how their idea of what a building was changed after they learned about the inspiration behind some of the most famous structures in the world. So awesome!  Make sure to check out KDW here and let me know if you pass by, we would love to hear about it!  xx









#1FUNTHING 2014: Water Fight!


We're baaaack with our #1FunThing summer challenge! Remember the challenge last year? From touring your town to chalking it up, we had a ball challenging ourselves and YOU!  Once again, we are encouraging kids to do one fun, outdoor activity each weekend  and then share an image of what you did with us using the hashtag #1FUNTHING so we can see it. We may feature your little on our website and in social media!

First challenge of 2014, WATER FIGHT! So glad our friends at Hasbro sent us these awesome Nerf super soaker blasters, say bye, bye to those little plastic guns of the past - these things literally SOAKED the boys! Normally we are big on conserving water and trying our best not to be wasteful. But we thought we'd take this one time to cool off and go a little nutty. Anyway, the boys didn't waste too much water -- they were so exhausted after 20 minutes they gave up!

I LOVE how these images catch the water drops. These images will be a great summer memory for them, don't you think? Are you going to JOIN THE CHALLENGE THIS WEEKEND?? We hope so! We want to see your pictures next week. Don't forget to use #1FUNTHING when you post!






What's Up, July?


Yea, I'm shocked too. It's officially JULY. JULY? Really? I feel like we just got into the summer and it's ending already. I am glad school is over for the boys though. 4th grade was pretty tough. I slowed down a lot on producing videos, photo shoots, etc. because the year was really taxing on them. I'm glad they get a break now - I get a break too - homework was hard on me as well!  Anyway, I look forward to a ton of fun in the sun. Here's what's up for July with Tristin + Tyler:

         New Videos - We're taking a look at the coolest things to do in NYC with a Tristin + Tyler twist. You'll love these short videos with a big punch!

         Cooking + Tutorials - As you know, the LOVE to cook, so we are sharing tips on recipes kids can make on their own! The boys also want to show you a few of their favorite hobbies.

         Events + Giveaways - Yep, we've got a few cool events up our sleeve! Some are all about style, others, just about having fun. Either way, you'll want to join   in for a chance to have a good time, and win really fun prizes!!

Tell us below, what do YOU have going on this summer??